Rymad Engineering Inc. Engineering & Automation


Rymad Engineering Inc. can offer a wide range of engineering and design support to manufacturers, research and development organizations, oil & gas, electrical and other organizations.

The company can assist and support clients in various ways by:

  • providing specialized personnel.
  • preparing functional, performance and detailed engineering specifications 
  • design, supply and installation of systems on a turn-key basis 
  • providing specialized products
  • providing a data management methodology for the structure, analysis and design of data management systems used within the engine overhaul process.
Engineering Services
  • Consulting Services
  • Safety Training
  • Project Management 
  • Site Supervision
  • Design
  • Fall Protection Training
  • Specification Development
  • R&D Programs
  • Component/Assembly Design
  • Software Analysis and Development
  • LabVIEW Development Services
  • Calibration and Maintenance
  • Training and Documentation
Management Services
  • Procurement & Integration Support Services
  • Facilities Maintenance Services
Automation Services
  • Control System Design
  • Control Panel Fabrication 
  • Electrical Design
  • PLC/DCS Programming
  • SCADA/Host Configuration
  • Wireless Communication
  • Network System Design
  • HMI Configuration
  • RTU Programming
  • Communications Networks
  • System Commissioning and Start-up
  • System Maintenance
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